Founded in the 80s; FILIX Lighting was concepted as an electrical engineering company at its core.
After years of catering to the industries key stakeholders we became the first importer of LED technology to Croatia, working directly with Osram.
With the development of LED technology and changes in the industry we started implementing our engineering knowledge and began the development of our first outdoor and underwater LED lighting solutions.

Today, we strive to be industry leaders, actively engaging in our profession and committing to a sustainable operation that will produce an impact on the generations to come.

Filix Medical raises on lighting grounds of Filix Lighting in extreme circumstance during 2020. A long term planned cooperation with industry specialist from micirbilogycal and psychologycal spheres was set and launched January 2020.
All medical device equipment nowdays is still under research prior to safe and long term operation.

Filix Medical today develops medical devices for UVC space sterilization significantly differentiating general to medical lighting approach with a full scope service for safe operation.


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